Leicestershire Catholic Teaching School Alliance (LCTSA)

The LCTSA is dedicated to providing relevant, expert continuing professional and leadership development opportunities for school staff, in order to improve outcomes for pupils across the region. Our current courses are listed below, but please contact us should your school require any other training: teachingschool@ctk.leicester.sch.uk

Our booking terms and conditions can be found here: https://www.lctsa.org/Training--CPLD/Booking-terms/

A step-by-step manual can be accessed here to guide you through the booking process: https://www.lctsa.org/i/Guide_to_booking_courses.pdf

From 6 May 2021
May, 2021
12 Wed 9:30am BST Designated Safeguarding Lead * Suitable for New & Existing DSLs
9:30am BST Establishing Effective Primary MF Languages
13 Thu 9am BST Safeguarding - Culture of Supervision Part Two
3:30pm BST EAL Network for STACMAT Schools
18 Tue 1:15pm BST Primary Art Network
19 Wed 9am BST EYFS Moderation
20 Thu 9am BST Safer Recruitment
26 Wed 1:15pm BST Leicester-Shire Schools Music Network
27 Thu 9:30am BST Building the Kingdom - Whole School Curriculum Design Level 1 Day 4
8 Tue 4pm BST Future of Phonics and Early Reading 2021 - The Facts!
9 Wed 1:15pm BST Deputy /Assistant Head Teachers Network
22 Tue 9:30am BST Annual DSL Forum
23 Wed 1pm BST Primary & Secondary NQT Programme of Support 2020/21 **Mentors and NQTs**
6 Tue 9:30am BST Designated Safeguarding Lead * Suitable for New & Existing DSLs
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