2016-17 School Year - Please Read Before Booking:

No login required; you do NOT need to create an ID/password for booking.
• Self-Guided Field Trips (M-F), from Sep 2016 to mid-Jun 2017, can be booked online up to 7 days in advance--if spaces are available.
• Guided School Tours (Docent led: Plant only on Tue/Thu, no guided tour on 3rd-Tues (free-Tues). History only on Wed/Fri), from Oct 2016 to June 15, 2017, can be booked online up to 14 days in advance--if spaces are available.
• The Arboretum requires one adult (teachers or chaperones) per 10 children, a 1:10 ratio.
• Students’ admission is free. Adults are admitted free of charge up to a ratio of 1:5. The fee for each adult over this ratio is $9.00.
• To Reschedule a tour, you must cancel the online booking and re-apply. Please, coordinate tour booking with your bus arrangements.
Download Home School Information here.

When Booking:
• No fees are collected for booking. (The fee for each adult over the 1:5 (adult:student) ratio is $9.00. Paid on day of tour).
• Best to book ONLY ONE TOUR at a time to obtain a Booking Reference code for each date+tour reserved.
• You have 60 minutes to complete the booking; your session times out and your spaces are released back to the available pool.
• This online system is NOT for Adult Walking Tours. Call (626) 821-3210.

Upon Successful Booking Completion:

  1. You will see Booking Complete, plus the Booking Reference code.
  2. You'll receive an automated Booking Confirmation email. Review it carefully, follow the instructions!
    If you do not receive the Booking Confirmation email, then something went wrong and your tour is NOT booked!

To Cancel a Previously Booked tour:
• Refer to the Booking Confirmation email which contains a link to access your booking.
• Self-Guided Field Trips and Guided Tours can be cancelled online using your booking link up to 7-days in advance.
• Cancelling any booking less than 7-days in advance, call Chris Orosz (626) 821-5897.

• Need booking help? Download Online Booking Instructions here.
• Carefully read your Booking Confirmation email and follow the instructions.
• Other assistance, call the Arboretum School Tour line: (626) 821-3212
• Details about the Arboretum Gift Shop's Student Souvenir Pack.

To Start:

On left side: Click on "Select date", find your date+tour combo and select.
On right side: Verify tour type, date and spaces available; select "View Details."

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