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An Introduction to Sound Desks with broadcast engineer Ann Charles

Thursday, 15 December '22   10am – 12:30pm GMT
12 spaces available
An Introduction to Sound Desks with broadcast engineer Ann Charles

This is an online event.

Joining instructions will be provided after booking.


Ann Charles ran this workshop last year and it was a sell out so we are putting on another session for those that missed out and are keen to learn about sound desks to help make their podcasts more sophisticated or just learn some new techniques.

Have you had someone show you how to use the studio once but you aren't really sure how everything works?

In this interactive session, Radio Production & Technology consultant, Ann Charles, will cover the basics of how mixing desks work, with a particular focus on how they are used in radio.

We'll begin with an introduction to an analogue mixer, signal flow and what the various knobs and buttons (EQ/Aux/Pan/PFL/Mute/Faders) do.

Once you are confident, we'll then move onto discussing the differences with digital mixers and how to apply the concepts from an analogue sound desk to your digital studio.

This means you'll understand how your mixing desk works, and why you might use various controls - which means you can operate almost any mixing desk in the world! No more learning the buttons by rote and hoping nothing goes wrong.

This course is suitable for producers, presenters and tech-ops (or those who wish to be) who would like a boost in their confidence when it comes to doing sound for radio.

If you can already record the philharmonic orchestra with your eyes shut, it might not be for you (although you will be very welcome!), but if you think a bus is something you only need in order to get to work, then you are in the right place.

There will be a chance to ask questions and meet other people during the online event. No equipment is needed (apart from access to Zoom), although a pen and paper and a pair of headphones are recommended. If you have access to your own mixing desk to practice with, that is a bonus but not needed.

NB This course is not about teaching you how to use a particular model of mixing desk, but should give you the skills and confidence to approach almost any console you may find in your career.


Standard ticket for 'using sound desks' training session
£30.00 + VAT

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