4650 / 2018 - Para Intro Show

Sunday, 10 June, 2018   1 day
The Brae RDA Centre, Dundee DD5 3GL

Tickets / Booking types

Class 1: Grade 1 – Intro test 3
Class 1: Grade 2 – Intro test 10
Class 1: Grade 3 – Intro test 21
Class 1: Grade 4 – Intro test 31
Class 1: Grade 5 – Intro test 2016
Class 1: RDA open – RDA walk, trot & canter test 31
Class 2: Pick Your Own Test

Choose your own BD para or RDA test



Join us for a Para-Dressage Intro competition which is aimed to help riders ‘bridge the gap’ between the RDA & the BD competition structure.

Including qualifying classes for Bronze Championships!

To qualify for the Bronze Intro Championship, combinations must obtain an average score of 66% or more in a minimum of two Para Bronze qualifiers.

To be eligible for the Intro Show Championship riders must be BD CLUB members & associate horse registration.

Riders will be able to ride the same intro test twice in a day by entering two classes. This helps with trying to gain qualification for the Bronze Intro Championship.

Horses will be available for hire from the RDA centre - please contact the centre directly to arrange. Emma Bollan:- chiefinstructor@brae.org.uk



The Brae RDA Centre, Dundee DD5 3GL