Online 6 class flexipass - £48 for 6 classes - £8 per class (first child)
£48.00Pass for 6 classes.
  • Must be used on dates occurring within 360 days after the first booked event.
Pass can be used for:
  • Real Life - Becky's Cello Stories - 0-18 months Tuesdays 10.45am (Catford)
  • Real Life - Becky's Cello Stories - Pre-walkers Thursdays 11.30am (Sydenham)
  • Real Life - Becky's Cello Stories - Pre-walkers Tuesdays 9.45am (Catford)
  • Real Life - Becky's Cello Stories - mixed ages Tuesdays 11.45am (Catford)
This is our online class card to bulk book a flexible block of classes (works out at £8 per class instead of £9 which is the price for single classes). You can redeem this on any classes and they do not need to be consecutive weeks or the same venue. You will need to manage your bookings online by booking sessions in advance. This can be redeemed against any 6 Beanstalk Arts classes in the twelve month period after the first event you book for. These passes currently have a long expiry period as the Beanstalk Arts timetable is a little reduced during this period. For additional children over 6 months, you can buy a sibling class pass fro £12 or PAYG £2 per session for extra classes.
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