Term Time Pass
£80.00Pass for 35 classes.
  • Sold out
  • Must be used on dates occurring within 56 days after the first booked event.
  • One use allowed per event.
Pass can be used for:
  • After Dark Lane Swim (45min) T1
  • Elite Swim T1
  • Lane Swim OFF-PEAK T1
  • Lane Swim PEAK T1
  • Main Pool: Swim & Fun (inc. Diving Board - NO SLIDE) T1
Up to 35 swims for £80. The more you swim, the more you save! Can be used during all PEAK and OFF-PEAK weekday swims from 12th April to 28th May.Pass does not guarantee availability of slots and individual swims must be booked.Tickets are released every Saturday at 9am for the 7 days beginning the following monday (e.g. Sat 3rd April all swims from Mon 12th to Sun 18th April on sale)
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