Live Online Baby Massage Course with Sarah (NCT Affiliated) (Approx. 6 weeks+)

with Sarah
Where You Are Most Comfortable (Zoom Integration)
9 spaces available

This is an online event.

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Course dates

  • Tue, 7 Sep '21   2pm – 3pm BST
  • Tue, 14 Sep '21   2pm – 3pm BST
  • Tue, 21 Sep '21   2pm – 3pm BST
  • Tue, 28 Sep '21   2pm – 3pm BST
  • Tue, 5 Oct '21   2pm – 3pm BST

Sarah is an NCT Affiliate. She is trained and licensed by NCT but operates this course independently of NCT. She is also Peter Walker trained too

Join this lovely online Baby Massage course (NCT Affiliated) to receive reminder videos to keep for practicing at home; a digital prompt chart, plus:

• Learn safe and relaxing baby massage strokes
• Explore the emotional and physical benefits for babies and parents
• Help strengthen your baby’s digestive system
• Facilitate language development with singing, scarves and toys
• Enjoy breathing awareness and stretching for parents/carers
• Explore relevant parent and baby topics like teething, tummy time & colicky behaviour


Please ensure your baby has had a hip check. If unsure, please contact Sarah.

Parent & Baby are usually on the floor

  • please use a large a screen as possible to view me. Please use a device with a camera so I can see you and your baby at all times (unless privacy required for nappy change or feeding of course)
  • Choose a massage oil or cream (or simply massage your baby 'dry')
  • have something soft for you to sit on
  • have something soft for your baby to lie on (sleep pod, changing mat, play mat or similar)
  • use a soft towel under your baby to mop up any excess massage oil
  • have some favourite toys close by
  • ensure the room is warm (babies don't need to be naked, you can simply uncover each body area in turn as the massage progresses)
  • have any drinks, snacks or other comfort items near by
  • you may like to have some music quietly playing in the background
  • as always, you may need nappy changing items to hand!
  • Babies often need feeds & changes in the class; crying is very normal. Please feel relaxed, attend to your baby, make use of the mute button (!) and turn camera off (or angle it away) as needed. Join in as you can, soothe and cuddle your baby when you need to.


Online Baby Massage Course with Sarah (NCT Affiliated)
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Where You Are Most Comfortable (Zoom Integration)