Ride Forever Gold CRUISER Course

Tuesday, 17 April '18   9am - 5pm
Two Bald Bikers Training Ground, 106 Moohan street, Wainuiomata

Cruisers are great to ride and they really stand out. But they need very customised skills to make them ride like a dream.
In this cruiser focused course you’ll learn how to corner properly, stop efectively and even how to handle a footpeg scraping the road in a tight lean.

You’ll get on-road training from riders who really know their stuff .

Be in to win $1500 worth of safety gear!!

Take a cruiser course on a weekday (Monday to Friday) and you’ll also go in the draw to win $1500 worth of safety gear, which, let’s face it, every rider could use.
Add the brain power to your horse power and sign up now. It’s the best split-second decision a cruiser rider can make.


GOLD course

Two Bald Bikers Training Ground
106 Moohan street

Top of the drive on your left