((B)) Fitbody Browns Bay

(B)) Fitbody is a group fitness class that's
Here’s everything you need to know to get started

What is it? A mini trampoline group fitness class choreographed to music. 35 minutes cardio followed by 10 minutes of toning.
What are the benefits? Rebounding workouts are 3 times more effective than floor based workouts. Burn up to 700+ calories in every class! Great for weight loss, mental wellbeing, stress release and lymphatic circulation
Who’s it for? EVERYONE! Different options are given in every track, and you can bop lightly or bounce hard to make it the right level for YOU! High intensity and low impact it’s suitable for all ages and abilities
When are classes? We train Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm and Saturday 8.30am at the Sherwood Primary School
What should I bring? A bottle of water, a small towel and supportive trainers. A good sports bra is a must for the ladies!

From 3 Aug 2021
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