MummyYoga Birth Preparation Workshops

The MummyYoga Birthing workshops and retreats are truly unique. These go well beyond hypnobirthing, in fact hypnobirthing is just one single technique that can be applied in the context of an undisturbed birth. We bring evidence from a variety of areas such as anthropology, neuroscience, cultural artefacts and community wisdom. Science, and neuroscience in particular, is littered with gems of important evidence based understanding of how we can make our births truly personal, empowering and a positive experience that should be denied to no parent.

I have studied with the peerless Michel Odent who pioneered women taking more control over their birth environment since the 1950s and the amazing Spinning Babies to add the extra dimension on optimal maternal and foetal anatomical understanding to this workshop. Expect a lot of birthing ball ideas, rebozo sifting techniques, essential oils and massage techniques for a more natural pain relief tool kit.

We bring in theory, practice and discussion to help you spend two quality hours with your birthing partner focusing on YOUR birth...

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January, 2020
25 Sat 10am - 12pm Birth preparation workshop
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