Bloom Baby TV With Becky

📺Access Bloom Baby TV and get full access to:

Both a Busy Bees and Caterpillar Club Class each week we will be sharing new activities that you can replicate at home to aid your babies development.

Classes will be available to watch till Sunday 9pm, this enables you to watch in your own time and you can pause/play whenever you need to.

💤 A nighttime Bloom Baby Massage: Baby massage is proven to aid development and strengthen the bond between caregiver and baby. Research shows that babies massaged as part of their nighttime routine sleep better and are more relaxed. Each night we will focus on a different part of the body.

📙 The Bloom Bedtime Story: Snuggle down and join founder Victoria Jennings with a Bloom Bedtime Story, reading a selection of bedtime stories from childrens authors across the UK.

🌳Busy Little Bloomers: Don't get bored being stuck indoors, Busy Little Bloomers will give you ideas of activities and crafts that you can do at home and in the garden with your little one.

🤱 Bloom Wellbeing: From self-care tips to exercise workouts each week we will uploading a new video to keep YOU occupied.

On top of all this you will also get access to our Bloom Baby TV Event Lounge where we will be going live and encouraging you to keep in touch with us and all our other Bloom parents, share your pics and videos from your classes at home and take part in a virtual brew from the comfort of our homes.

We will also be running weekly competitions where one lucky winner will win a week's FREE Bloom Baby TV.

All this content for £5 per week.

Classes start Monday 30th March see below for our current timetable

Having your own equipment is not necessary we would say to have a scarf or muslin / blanket, something to shake that makes a noise and some everyday items for your baby put to one side.

Week commencing 30/3/20

🐝10am: Busy Bees Baby Class for babies and toddlers
🐛11am: Caterpillar Club
💤630pm: Bloom Baby Massage, a gentle Bloom Baby Massage to help your baby relax and promote a good nights sleep.
📙645pm: Bloom Bedtime Story join founder Victoria Jennings with a bedtime story suitable for the 0-4s , a different story each evening.


🌳10am Busy Little Bloomers

💤630pm: Bloom Baby Massage
📙645pm Bloom Bedtime Story


🤱10am Bloom wellbeing: Selfcare, exercise and wellbeing tips for parents.
💤630pm: Bloom Baby Massage
📙645pm Bloom Bedtime Story


🌳10am Busy Little Bloomers
💤630pm: Bloom Baby Massage
📙645pm Bloom Bedtime Story


💤630pm: Bloom Baby Massage
📙645pm Bloom Bedtime Story

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