Moving Through Labor Workshop in South Philly

Wednesday, 16 June '21   6:30pm – 9pm EDT
SOUTH PHILLY CLASSES:, Ohm Chiropractic Office (Room 519), BOK Building, 1901 South 9th St. Philadelphia PA 19148

This class is held IN PERSON.

"Moving Through Labor," is a unique two and a half hour class dedicated to understanding pelvic bones, movement, and space, demystifying the idea of optimal positioning for the baby, and learning and practicing movements and techniques for minimizing positioning-related complications during labor. The skills developed in this workshop help expectant parents understand the baby's descent and rotation through the pelvis and the role movement plays in avoiding unnecessary interventions. We cover pelvic dynamics and biomechanics, creating space for the baby through pregnancy and labor, understanding fetal presentation, position, and attitude (head flexion!), movement to encourage efficient laboring, supportive positions for comfort and ease of baby's descent and rotation, and may even have to time to explore use of the Rebozo for encouraging tension release!

If you are feeling sick the day of class or have any symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home.
The building in which our class takes places requires masks to be worn when in the hallway and restrooms. Upon entering Ohm Chiropractic (the classroom space) mask wearing is optional but recommended by the CDC (note their guidelines at
Brittany (your instructor) will not be wearing a mask while facilitating in order to be as audible and understandable for all participants. She will remain at least six feet away from participants unless individual participants request otherwise and will wear a mask when moving around the room or assisting someone with a position, etc.
Partners will sit together with a three to six foot distance between others. All participation will be done with at least three feet of separation.
By attending class in person, you assume all risk associated with COVID-19 that could be attributed to participating in a group setting and in a space outside of your home.


Moving Through Labor Class Payment
This ticket covers the attendance of you and a support person in the class.

SOUTH PHILLY CLASSES:, Ohm Chiropractic Office (Room 519), BOK Building, 1901 South 9th St. Philadelphia PA 19148

Directions for accessing the classroom space will be provided in the confirmation and reminder emails sent after booking your spot in the class.