My yoga
£60.00Pass for 5 classes.
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  • For use on events occurring in the next 30 days.
  • One use allowed per event.
  • Can be used for any event type.
Why did we create the 'My Yoga' Pass? Unlike many other teachers and studios we didn't want you have to pay for a full terms classes upfront - our lives get busy and we wanted to be as flexible as the yoga we teach. So we created the 'My Yoga' pass, not just for students who wanted to make sure their space on the mat was confirmed (though with a max class size is 7, lots of students do book ahead) - but for all our yogis! By booking your monthly pass, you'll be able to take advantage of discounts and you don't need to book the same class each week nor do you need to book all five classes at the point you buy your pass. You can confirm your stored classes any time within 30 days of purchase and there is no need for your chosen classes to run concurrently. Namaste!
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