Thursday, 8 April '21   5:30pm – 6:25pm BST
BodySoulMovement online studio via Zoom.

Unwind your body after a week in 'Desk Pose'. Create fluidity within & re-energise in preparation for the weekend.

~ This is a general level class.

~ Please advise the teacher of any issues prior to the class, however, due to the limitations that online classes bring in comparison to the close observation that a in-person class allows, please stop if you feel any pain & we can discuss after class.

~ Everyone will be muted throughout the class to allow for all clients to enjoy a peaceful class.

~ We will stay online for around 15 mins after class - everyone is welcome to stay for a virtual cuppa after we have finished, and ask any questions that might have cropped up.

Level: General level


Bring yourselves.
A yoga mat is great, but not essential.

A hand towel folded in three, or a thin cushion is great
(plus any cushions to hand to protect knees)

Water if you would like.

Camera postioning:
~ If possible, please place your laptop/phone/ipad approx 1-2 metres away from your body so we can see the whole side of your body, to allow for specific movement cues if required.

~ Please wear colourful clothing to allow the teacher to see movements, and avoid very baggy clothes where possible.


Pink Tier
Online event information

This is an online event.

Joining instructions will be provided after booking.

BodySoulMovement online studio via Zoom.