Handstand Workshop - Bath

Sunday, 27 August, 2017   11am - 12:30pm
Unit 11, Ferry Court, Bath, BA2 4JW
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Sunday 27th August

11 - 12.30

Unit 11, Ferry Court, Bath, BA2 4JW


Our mission
We’ve created a formula to make handbalance accessible for everyone to learn. Tried and tested techniques from years of experience and the best teachers from all over the world, we’ve created a safe and efficient training practice for developing an intricate acrobatic skill like handbalance.

What to expect in a workshop:
*Handstand Anatomy

  • Correct technique, alignment, consistency and balance
  • Specific strength, control and endurance
  • Flexibility and mobility related to handbalance
  • Injury prevention

Who are we?
National Circus School Paris (ENACR) graduate, globe-trotting hand to hand specialist Gabrielle Parker balances her time on her hands between international performance, teaching at the acclaimed Circomedia Circus University and running workshops and classes all over the UK. An acro flyer, sports therapist, professional handstand coach and teacher (of teachers) Gabby is also the Founder of Bristol Handstands.

More info:
Watch: Youtube- Bristol Handstands
Learn: www.facebook.com/bristolhandstands
Inspire: www.instagram.com/handstandbristol

Contact: hello@bristolhandstands.com



Unit 11, Ferry Court, Bath, BA2 4JW