Partner Stretch Workshop - A Valentine's Special

Sunday, 18 February, 2018   12pm - 2pm
Wild Wolfs Yoga, 32 St Nicholas Street, Old City, Bristol, BS1 1TG
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Date: Sunday 18th February
Time: 12-2pm
Location: Wild Wolf's Yoga, St Nicholas St, BS1 1TG

A Valentine's special - come chill, stretch and flex in the cosy magic of the beautiful Wild Wolf's Yoga studio.

Much like pretending you can't do the washing up, partner stretching is a great way of getting someone else to do all of the work for you. All you have to do is lie on the floor like a starfish and be stretched... until it's your turn of course ;)

A chilled and chatty workshop - I’ll be calling on my sports therapy training to kick off with some juicy muscle fibre release techniques followed by rolling around on rollers and doing lots of odd things like nerve flossing… YUMMY.

We’ll yap about the theory of each exercise so you can better understand both yours and your partner's body. In this workshop you will be encouraged to get to grips with the ‘how to’ of effectively being both the 'stretcher' and the 'strechee'!

With a focus on passive partner work we will glide through a series of relaxing yet geekily-effective stretches, working with each section of the body in turn until we’re all happy puddles of toffee on the floor.

Tea and chocolate as a sweet treat to end the workshop :)

Come alone and meet a friend in class, bring a significant other, family member or loved one. Please feel free to use the event to find an attentive stretch partner too!

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Ticket for 2 - £25


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