Wednesday, 25 July '18   9 weeks
Browne School of Art, 194 Great North Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland, 1021
10 spaces available

Course Code: EDN318
Tutor: Zoë Nash
When: Wed 6.00 - 9.00pm
Dates: 25 July - 19 September 2018
Duration: 9 Weeks         
Maximum Enrolment: 10

Cost: $355

An ongoing commitment to maintaining a regular drawing practice has never been disputed in terms of its positive effects on your creative endeavours. These days, however, drawing itself is taking centre stage in many national and international exhibitions, and has moved far beyond its traditional parameters of sketching and preparatory study. 

This 9-week course explores a more conceptual approach to drawing and mark-making, and uses a variety of media and methods. Students will discover a range of unexpected drawing tools and surfaces, and will work on both a micro and a monumental scale.

Beginning with a series of group exercises, students will gradually work towards the completion of a self-directed project, while receiving ongoing feedback and support. By the end of the course, students will have a greater appreciation and understanding of contemporary drawing practice, have gained confidence in their own drawing ability, and will have the momentum to continue their practice beyond the studio class environment. 


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Browne School of Art
194 Great North Road
Grey Lynn