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Welcome to my booking page.
I hope you find this schedule easy to navigate through and book the class or workshop that is for you.
Classes are suitable for most people and the descriptions can help you to find the ones that best speak to you.
Should you need any other help with your booking, or you want to ask me anything in general then please just give me a call, text or email.

Caroline xx

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November, 2019
16 Sat 11am - 1pm Free Your Neck and Shoulders - WORKSHOP
2pm - 4pm Free Your Neck and Shoulders - WORKSHOP
22 Fri 5:45pm - 7:15pm Yin yoga immersion - MULBERRY HOUSE
29 Fri 7pm - 8:30pm Yin Yoga Immersion - RESTORATION YARD
20 Fri 5:45pm - 7:15pm Yin Yoga Immersion - MULBERRY HOUSE
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