Get Creative With Your Teaching: The Ribcage Rolls (TEACHERS ONLY)

Sunday, 23 February '20   12:45pm - 2:45pm
Mulberry House, 21 Manor Place, Edinburgh, EH3 7DX

This is a master-class for Pilates teachers and movement practitioners.

We'll engage with the movement, and stillness, of the Ribcage within our teaching of classes and individual sessions with clients. We’ll consider its felt sense within the body, how it moves through space, stabilises and integrates with the whole body.

We’ll look at how we might help students to connect with moves such as book-openers, side to side, and spine curls from the perspective of the ribcage and we’ll break down part of the advanced repertoire to help you gradually build it in as a positive movement experiences for students of all abilities.

You’ll leave with new cues, movement ideas and inspiration to get your own creative juices to flow.

£25 when booked as stand alone, or £20 when booked together with 'The Pelvis Rocks'

Refunds not available unless your space can be filled, in which case a full refund will be given.


Single booking for ‘The Ribcage Rolls’
Can be booked using class pass:
  • Pelvis rocks / ribcage rolls joint booking

Mulberry House
21 Manor Place