Autumn Mixed Hereford

Sunday, 3 October '21   1 day
Oakleaf Field, Cheltenham Racecourse, Cheltenham, Cheltenham Archers, Southam Lane, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Autumn Mixed Hereford

Venue: Oakleaf Field, Cheltenham Racecourse
Status: UK Record Status
Judges: Richard Jones i/c
Lady Paramount: TBA
Tournament Organiser: Adrian Gifkins

Rounds: Hereford, Bristol I to V, National , Short National, Junior National and Short Junior National

Shooting: Up to 4 archers per boss shooting in two details, on foam bosses. Ends will consist of 6 arrows in 4 minutes.

Hereford & Bristols:
Equipment inspection from 8.00am
Assembly: 9.15am
Sighters: 9.30am

Equipment inspection from 12.00 noon
Assembly 12.45pm
Sighters: 13:00pm

Dress: Archery GB Dress regulations as shown in Rule 307 will apply.

Drug testing: As the tournament has been granted Record Status archers will be liable for drug testing, and competitors approached to give samples must comply. A refusal to do so will be treated as a positive result. Entries from archers under 18 must be signed by a parent/guardian to signify their consent to their child being drug tested if approached.

Archery GB Cards: Archers must have their Archery GB membership cards available when registering. No Card, No Shoot!

Photography: In view of the provisions of the Archery GB “Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults” Policy, those who wish to take photographs/video recordings at this event are to register with the tournament organiser before shooting commences.

Refreshments: Will be available throughout the day

Disclaimer: Cheltenham Archers disclaim any responsibility for lost or damaged equipment.

Other details: If any archer has any particular requirements based on disability, please inform the tournament organiser when the entry form is submitted.

Hereford – 1st place Ladies and Gents Trophies
Bristols - 1st, 2nd & 3rd places Medals

National – Medals according to entry (3rd Class archers & U/C only. 2nd class and above may shoot, but will not be eligible for awards.)

Entry Fee:
Hereford and Bristols - £15.00
National - £10.00

(Juniors £5.00 less in each case)

Please make separate payment via BACS to Cheltenham Archers, account No. 20609129, sort code: 20-45-45. Please make the reference "AMH" and your surname, and make a separate payment for each archer.

Alternatively, a cheque can be posted to the tournament organiser (details below) referencing "AMH" and your name. Cheques made payable to "Cheltenham Archers".

Target List / Results: Please provide your e-mail address for the target list and result sheet. Alternatively please send two stamped addressed envelopes to the tournament organiser.

Closing Date: Written or online applications, with payment, must be received by midnight Monday 27th Sept. No formal entries will be accepted after this time. Anyone applying for a Late Entry will be invited to turn up on the day of the shoot, “on spec”, to see if there are vacancies. There will be no “Late Entry” surcharge.

Note re Juniors: Juniors must be accompanied during the tournament by a Parent or Guardian.

Postal entries (form attached) or cheques to accompany online entry to be sent to: A. Gifkins at 19 Court Road Prestbury GL52 5BL, e-mail, phone no.: 07518278885

Entries with post-dated payment will not be accepted.


Autumn Mixed Hereford/Bristols/National
Hereford & Bristol Rounds (Seniors - £15.00, Juniors - £10.00), National Rounds (Seniors - £10.00, Juniors - £5.00)

Oakleaf Field, Cheltenham Racecourse, Cheltenham
Cheltenham Archers
Southam Lane