Le Monde des Petits

Le Monde des Petits (children's world) encompasses my after-school and holiday clubs, including Bookworms and French Club.

Bookworms is an international story club where we celebrate the world we live in and the beauty of difference. We learn about a different country each week, share a story from that country and a bit of language and then do a related creative activity such as arts and crafts, food tasting, dancing and singing. Children are encouraged to talk about their own heritage where they have links with other countries and also get to bring in a book of their choice to share with the group.

French Club teaches a wide range of French vocabularly through a variety of games, stories, songs and creative activities. In the holidays, children get to try out some traditional French recreational activities such as boules and bilboquet and participate in games, crafts, songs, role-play and food tasting.

I am a qualified HLTA and experienced language teacher, after-school club and childcare provider (Ofsted Outstanding 2014-2017) with a passion for life and a love of learning and sharing this learning with our children, helping them improve their confidence, enthuse, laugh and grow.

From 18 Jan 2022
January, 2022
19 Wed Course: 5 dates French Club @ Heron Way (Wed) Spr1 2022
20 Thu Course: 5 dates French Club @ Arunside (Thurs) Spr1 2022
24 Mon Course: 4 dates French Club @ Castlewood (Mon) Spr1 2022
25 Tue Course: 4 dates Bookworms @ Heron Way (Tues) Spring1 2022
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