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INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY & WINTER SOLSTICE FREE Yoga & Meditation at Wylie's Baths, South Coogee!

Friday, 21 June '24   6am – 8am AEST
Wylie's Baths, 4B Neptune Street, Coogee, NSW, 2034
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 INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY & WINTER SOLSTICE FREE Yoga & Meditation at Wylie's Baths, South Coogee!


Come along to our beautiful Community event with Coconut Spice Yogi & Wylie's Baths on June 21st to celebrate International Yoga Day and the Winter Solstice with a sunrise yoga & meditation class, a swim, warm cuppa, chats and hugs!

A chance to come together for a beautiful sunrise, start the day in the best way with beautiful community and help raise funds for Wylie’s baths restoration.

The iconic Wylie's Baths was first opened in 1907, built by Henry Wylie, the father of Australian Olympic swimmer Mina Wylie, who was one of the first female Olympic swimmers for Australia at the Stockholm Games of 1912. I've been a yoga teacher at Wylies Baths for 11 years and feel blessed to teach at such a beautiful hidden gem, overlooking the ocean.

Restoration of Wylie’s Baths is a priority for this sacred place that offers a daily retreat for thousands of members of the local community, many of whom struggle with mental health and wellbeing.

This winter, Wylie’s is undergoing restoration and is reaching out to the community for support.

Wylie’s Baths in Coogee is open all year – 365 days. Come and experience meditation, yoga, a swim and a warm cuppa at Wylie’s Baths in Coogee.

• 600am DOORS OPEN
• 610 am FREE MEDITATION (20 mins)
• 630 am FREE YOGA (1 hour)
• 700 am Spectacular sunrise as we flow
• 730am Time for a swim, warm cuppa and chats

Chrissie Coconut Spice Yogi & Wylie's Baths xx


Please bring layers as it might be cold, maybe beanie, socks & gloves, jacket for the meditation and savasana at the end, and yoga, comfortable wear to move for the yoga practice.

Bring your own mat please. There will be some spares but there will be a lot of you!

Bring your water bottle and a keep cup if you will have a cuppa afterwards to save on waste.

I look forward to flowing with you to celebrate International Yoga Day & Winter Solstice together.

Chrissie & Wylie's Baths x



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Wylie's Baths
4B Neptune Street