Bob and Weave - FRIDAY OPTION

Friday, 14 September '18   12:30pm - 4pm
670 US 51, Ridgeland, MS

Using strip sets slashed on the diagonal and a little shifting here and there, you can create this energetic quilt that will make your eyes dance around! If you use a light background, your striped jagged streaks will be dominant. If you use a dark background, then the background streaks will begin to dominate. These jagged streaks can be oriented horizontally or vertically. After a few blocks are made, we will then have a "What if we...?" session to see just how versatile this concept can be. This quilt technique may become your favorite since it can be adapted to use with scraps or yardage as well.

Class: Bob and Weave
Date: Friday September 14th 12:30-4
Cost: $45


$45.00 + tax

670 US 51
Ridgeland, MS

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