Parents and Pre-schooler Online Course

Monday, 9 November '20   6 weeks
Parents and Pre-schooler Online Course

Let's put lockdown to good use - and learn a language together.

Join this online course for toddlers and children aged 2-4 years old and create a wonderful bond between you and your child, whilst learning a valuable skill, together.

Don't speak any French? Don't panic. We're here to support you every step of the way with parent/child vocab sheets, printed dialogues, flashcards and pronunciation cheat-sheets.

The full course is valued at £128.98 and comprises of: 

  • 6 pre-recorded videos 

  • 6 optional, live, online Singalong sessions

  • An online guide for parents

  • The Coucou Loulou playlist

  • Printable/online materials (tips for parents and families, vocab’ sheets, suggested activities to further the learning, song lyrics, flashcards)

  • Access to my closed Facebook group: a community of like-minded parents with who to share doubts, questions and success stories, access to ME for all your questions, bonus online materials, live Q&A, and more. (Under construction - all it needs is YOU!)

👍🏻 Course launches Monday 9th November

⬆️ Apply to be an Early Adopter and get 50% off your first term

👶 Two courses to suit your needs:

Babies and Toddlers (0-23 months)

“Minis-Loulous” (2-5 yo)

🇫🇷 Accessible for all levels of French - even complete beginners

💰 50% off for all Early Adopters.

🙌 One subscription per household - not per child!

Age range: Between ages 2 and 6


You will get an email every Monday for the duration of the course. This email will contain a link to the new, pre-recorded video and materials as well as the live Family Singalong you can join (optional).

Please treat these emails as your own and do not share them with anyone outside your household. Small businesses like Coucou Loulou rely on people's honesty and appreciation of their skills, knowledge and hard graft!


Online course - full access
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