Selective Mutism - Masterclass Level Training

Tuesday, 18 September '18   2 days
thestudio... 7 Cannon Street, Birmingham, B2 5EP

Our Advanced, Masterclass level training presented by leading UK expert, Maggie Johnson is designed to offer professionals in-depth training which will support them in their work with children and young people with selective mutism. Participants on this course will study the nature and causes of Selective Mutism, differential diagnosis, theoretical frameworks and evidence-based intervention strategies.

You may book for days 1&2 only as an introduction to this subject or complete the full 3 days together. Delegates who have previously completed days 1&2 are welcome to book on Day 3 (see separate entry for details) to complete the full suite of training. Please note if a service purchases 2 or more places for the 2 and 3-day options, a 15% discount is automatically applied.

The participant manual for this course is the Speechmark publication ‘The Selective Mutism Resource Manual’ which delegates are supplied with as part of the course fee for days 1 & 2.

Course topics for days 1 and 2

  • Profiling, diagnosis and assessment
  • Management approaches; the 24/7 approach
  • Creating stress-free environments
  • Small-steps approaches and programmes for school-aged children
  • Additional considerations for adolescents and secondary school settings
  • Issues of motivation, engagement and consent
  • Guidance for troubleshooting and dealing with regression

Course topics for day 3

  • Introduction to co-existing conditions
  • Extended assessment: general principles
  • Assessment and management of speech and language difficulties (including learning English as an additional language)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders: the question of dual diagnosis
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders: assessment, diagnosis and management
  • Mental Health Issues: implications and the possible involvement of CAMHS.
  • Identification and management of other anxieties and phobias
  • Behaviour issues and Medication
  • Involving other professionals and agencies
  • Case studies and case discussion

Do you wish to attend this training, but need approval from your employer? Make use of our Registration of Interest Scheme to reserve a place:


2 day Masterclass (18th and 19th Sept 2018)
Book 2 or more places and a 15% discount is automatically applied. The price includes the Speechmark publication ‘The Selective Mutism Resource Manual' second edition (Johnson and Wintgens, 2016)
3 day Masterclass (18th, 19th and 20th Sept 2018)
Book 2 or more places and a 15% discount is automatically applied.
Day 3 only - 'When it's more than SM' - 20th Sept 2018
This is an optional extension to the 2-day Masterclass. Delegates must have attended day 1 - 2 training previously.

7 Cannon Street
B2 5EP