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Interactive Play Workshop with Craig Ogilvie

Saturday, 6 May '23   10am – 12pm BST
K9 Hub, Unit 1a, The Flaxworks, Cleator, Cumbria, CA233DU
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Interactive Play Workshop with Craig Ogilvie


The workshop will be focused on the content of Craig's extremely popular book the "Interactive Play Guide", this offers a unique look at how we can implement a reinforcing play system that is based on our dogs making the choice to play and adjusting our technique to suit each dog as an individual.

During the workshop we will take an interactive journey, looking at how to effectively adjust toy play to the reinforcement preferences of the specific dog that you are working with. Craig will talk and walk you through a proven, tried and tested step by step acronym-based system that will help you to use the joy of play to improve relationships, build confidence, create motivational focus and implement alternative forms of positive reinforcement. You will also learn how to avoid and overcome some of the common problems during play, such as over-arousal and problematic behaviours. Along with implementing these techniques into your behavioural consultations, training classes and even at home to help further enrich the lives of dogs and their owners.

Learning objectives

Learn how to create structured, consistent, positive interactive play sessions with the dogs in your care.
Develop the ability to adjust interactive play to suit each dog as an individual based on the evaluation of behaviour.
Understand how to implement the joy of play to fulfil your dog's natural desires, improve relationships, build confidence and increase motivational focus.
Build an understanding of how to avoid and overcome problems during play such over-arousal and problematic behaviours.
Incorporate the power of play into both behavioural and training settings.
Implementing alternative forms of positive reinforcement into our dog's lives.
Gain the ability to communicate with your dog during structured periods of positive stimulation.

Implementing structured periods of calm and alternative behaviours into your interactive play sessions to create behavioural predictability
Learn how to problem solve when working with a variety of dogs and their owners.
Take away a simple step by step system that will benefit you, the dogs in your care and your students.

Internationally renowned seminar leader, author and business mentor Craig

Ogilvie is a highly experienced Certified Canine behaviour consultant and

Trainer, Police Dog Training Instructor and Mondioring Decoy (Licensed in


Having spent a great deal of time training and testing working dogs in

locations all over Europe, he very quickly went on to achieve unique

accreditation. Craig was the first person from the U.K to be licensed to test

and train dogs internationally in the working dog sport called Mondioring:

which consists of Obedience, Agility and Criminal Apprehension.

Craig is one of the very few experienced and qualified Civilian Police Dog

Training Instructors in the U.K. and has worked for the Police full time as a dog

training instructor. He has delivered seminars to multiple police dog sections,

U.K Military working dog teams and search and rescue teams.

Craig's passion and study of dog behaviour and training led him to becoming

a canine behaviour consultant and Trainer, with much of his time is focused

on working around problematic behaviours in dogs, problem solving,

motivation and the power of positive reinforcement when working with

dogs. Along with helping hundreds of behaviour consultants and dog trainers

to build a successful business as part of his business mentorship program.

Craig's journey has led to him helping dogs and people all over the world via

seminars, workshops and online training for professionals and enthusiasts



Please bring along your dogs favourite toys, some high-value food rewards and any other positive reinforcers that you use in training.

Please bring along a notepad and pen too.
Each dog will be worked on a 1-2-1 basis, so your dogs must be comfortable resting in your vehicle, or in a portable crate (limited space please enquire) when they are not working to avoid over arousal and to allow for dogs with sensitivity issues to other dogs to work in as stress free environment as possible.



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K9 Hub
Unit 1a
The Flaxworks


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