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Khandallah Playgroup Enrollments

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Please use this site to enrol in our weekly playgroup sessions. By enrolling in your preferred weekday session, you can attend any additional sessions you like during the week.

Our parent led, all age pre-school sessions run on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Friday mornings during term time. Playgroup is open between roughly 9am and 1pm on session days. Each session has a volunteer supervisor, and we are run by a volunteer parent committee with support and funding from the Ministry of Education.

To see costs, please click on the session you are interested in joining.

For queries - please email playgroupkhandallah@gmail.com

Fra 22 maj 2022
maj, 2022
23 man Kursus: 6 dato Monday Session - Term 2, 2022
24 tir Kursus: 7 dato Tuesday Session - Term 2, 2022
25 ons Kursus: 7 dato Wednesday Session - Term 2, 2022
26 tor Kursus: 7 dato Thursday Session - Term 2, 2022
27 fre Kursus: 6 dato Friday Session - Term 2, 2022
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