Ask an Expert: Fertility treatment with egg, sperm or embryo donation - Webinar

Saturday, 13 November '21   10am – 12pm GMT
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Ask an Expert: Fertility treatment with egg, sperm or embryo donation - Webinar

This is an online event.

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  • Baffled by medical jargon at your clinic or online?
  • Unsure about what all the fertility treatments are?
  • Confused by expensive Add-ons?
  • Wondering who the donors are and why they donate?
  • Thinking about the questions you should ask your clinic?
  • Wishing you had an expert to ask?

We understand that navigating donor conception treatments can be challenging. We can support you by providing the opportunity to hear from an impartial expert via a live webinar to help you to find the best pathway for you.

The webinar is hosted by a professional facilitator who is also a parent of donor conceived children and features either a leading embryologist or andrologist currently working in a UK clinic. They will provide impartial knowledge and up-to-date information during the webinar. There will be presentations on a number of topics and several opportunities to ask your questions, including in advance on your booking form.

You won't be visible, apart from your log in name, which gives a level of privacy for people at this stage in their journey.

This webinar is suitable for all family & donation types who have not yet conceived via donor conception.

Before the webinar, we will email a summary of the topics we have covered and a comprehensive guide to donor conception from the medical perspective to help you navigate the medical aspects of your journey.

This webinar will feature Victoria Ryder.
Victoria Ryder is a Fertility Laboratory Manager and HFEA Person Responsible
Complete Fertility Centre, Southampton
Victoria gained a BSc Biomedical Science and MMedSci Assisted Reproduction Technology before starting her training as an Embryologist in 2010. Since then she has taken a special interest in donor conception, acting as her clinic's donor coordinator for a number of years, and being a medical speaker with DCN for more than 6 years. Victoria became Lab Manager in 2017 and HFEA Person Responsible in 2021


The webinar will be delivered on Zoom. A laptop, tablet or PC with audio-visual capabilities is required. Please contact Jo at if you wish to discuss this further.

Please note this is a LIVE webinar and a recording will not be available after the event.


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