Body Symphonies - Yoga, Movement, Craniosacral Therapy, Pre and Postnatal care, Retreats

‘Body Symphonies’ encapsulates the work of Yoga Teacher, Craniosacral Therapist, movement facilitator Annamaria Sacco.

You can find details here for her 1:1 sessions of either yoga or craniosacral therapy, as well as her pre & postnatal work held at Yoga Stable.

Below, you can book for individual classes or for a whole term. To do so, please select the date of either the start of a term, or the date you wish to begin from. You will see either a term ticket, or drop-in session option come up. On the tab nearby, you should also see the passes available.


Due to the studio closure, Annamaria is now offering online 1:1 yoga support to clients for yoga via Zoom online.

Cranio sacral clients are welcome to be in touch, bearing in mind the session will not have the standard format of a CST session, but rather of a deep listening and suggestions of techniques helpful to support the client's wellbeing during this period.

The session will be an exploration and dialogue to that purpose. If you feel inclined to go further, please send an email to

Once a time is agreed, it will be possible to book and pay online via this secure booking system.

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August, 2020
24 Mo 17:00 - 18:00 CS 1:1 Yoga Class series
7 Mo 17:00 - 18:00 CS 1:1 Yoga Class series
Zeitzone der angezeigte Zeiten: London