SALSA COURSE (6-week Block) - WEEK 4

Donnerstag, 4 Februar '21   19:00 – 20:00 GMT
ZOOM (UK time)
SALSA COURSE (6-week Block) - WEEK 4

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If you want to learn to dance Cuban Salsa or want to gain a better understanding of the fundamentals of this dance style, then this course is for you. Master the basic steps and easy dance variations, Cuban rhythm and motion, the leading and following techniques & have FUN!
This course will cover these Cuban salsa moves: basic steps, basic turns, dile que no, guapea, enchufla variations, rumba, caminala, sacala, vacila, vacilala, vacilense, setenta and some other easy dance combinations. Focus is on precise body movements, suelta (solo/individual work) including ladies & men styling as well as on correct partner work technique. You will learn everything you need to know to salsa Cuban-way.

Level: Beginners / Lower Improver
Duration: 60min (6 classes)

FREE recording available from every class! In order to improve your learning experience, there will be a recording available for you from every class. So no problem if you miss a class and plus you can keep practicing the steps from the class over and over at your own time :)

DON`T MISS our SALSA BEGINNERS 2-HOUR WORKSHOP on Thursday 25th March 7-9pm. We highly recommend to attend the workshop before attending the Salsa Course.

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Wear comfortable clothes and a pair of comfy shoes or dance sneakers.


Salsa Course / 1 person (6-week Block) - 3 weeks remaining
Salsa Course / 2 persons / 1 household (6-week Block) - 3 weeks remaining

ZOOM (UK time)