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Designated Manager Qualifications and Job Duties - Virtual Classroom

Donnerstag, 3 März '22   10:00 – 11:30 CST
Designated Manager Qualifications and Job Duties - Virtual Classroom

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A Designated Manager (DM) is an important member of your organization. They must be knowledgeable about regulations, your company’s compliance, and oversight for evaluating program quality and improvements. There are specific responsibilities and requirements for a DM and often providers aren’t ensuring the DM is adequately prepared for these duties. This important position has significant responsibilities to the people, staff, the program, and agency as a whole. Learn about these responsibilities, their implementation, and how to meet them head on and with confidence. This virtual classroom will include participation from attendees so be prepared to share examples and experiences.

CEU Contact Hours: 1.8 for Nurses, 1.5 for Social Workers

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