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Transfers, Cancellations, and Refunds

We always aim to be fair and flexible, especially during these stressful times. Always get in touch if you need to cancel or change and we will do our best to make it work for you. Please give us as much notice of changes or cancellations as possible. Our places are limited and could be filled by other students when you tell us in time.

If you create an account when you book, you can log-in to access your bookings, and make transfers and cancellations yourself, or feel free to email us and we will make the changes for you. 
 +44 (0) 333 050 943

Email Reminders:

  • Email reminders are sent to you the day before, and then 3-hours before your class is due to start.


  • For individually booked classes, you can transfer to another class of its type, or in some cases, one level up or down, when you give up-to 2-hours-notice of the class you want to change is due to start.
  • When you book 6 classes in a term, you automatically receive a 10% discount. Should you not be able to make a class and give at least two-hours-notice, we will try to transfer you to another suitable class in the term. For instance, we may be able to move you to a class one level up or down if we feel it will be suitable for you. If none are available, we will instead refund you, taking into account the initial discount. -Please always give as much notice as possible for transfers, so your space can be filled by another member in time. -For Beginners Courses, it’s not possible to transfer a class. However, should you need to miss any classes as part of your course, you will still receive the video recording when you notify us. 

No Shows:

  • We understand last-minute problems can come up, but it’s important you tell us if you can’t make a class, whenever possible, even at short notice. If not, it can cause frustration waiting for you to arrive, and wasted time in planning the class, expecting you to be there.


  • When a class or course is full, a waiting list button will appear. Members of our waiting-list are automatically emailed when a space becomes available, so it’s quite possible you’ll get the class or course you want by adding your name.

Cancellations, Refunds & Credits:

  • Please always give as much notice of cancellations as you can.
  • When you cancel your booking and give up-to 24-hours-notice, we will apply a full refund on request.
  • With less notice, we don’t offer refunds but can provide a credit if your space is filled from our waiting list.
  • If you notify us of cancelling your class and do not require a refund, you will receive the video recording of the class.
  • If you cancel a class as part of discounted set of 6 classes, we will take into account the saving of the original discount before refunding you.
  • If you continually miss classes without notifying us, we may cancel the rest of your classes to open up space.

In the unlikely event we should ever need to cancel your class (for example, due to a teacher’s ill health) we will notify you as soon as possible, and aim to let you know at least 2-hours before. We will offer a refund, transfer, or credit – whichever is most suitable to you.