Tiny Toes Baby Massage & Reflexology Corby

Welcome to Tiny Toes Corby where you can enjoy attending a baby class that makes it easier for you to comfort and soothe your baby.

You may feel lost and a little lonely, at times, with your new born, so attending a class can break the week up, provide some much needed company, ensure support that meets your baby's needs and time for you to relax and bond with your baby.

I am an experienced mother, ex-teacher, Nan to two gorgeous grandchildren (third is on the way!) and a highly qualified Reflexologist, dedicated to providing you and your baby with the best service possible, at the highest level.

I will answer any questions you have and provide detailed explanations of all techniques used and why they are used.

This is often reassuring as having an understanding about why something happens means we feel more in control and less worried about whether our own parenting has contributed to how our baby feels - I know this from recent conversations with my daughter and how a little information can really make a big difference to being more relaxed about things.

None of us really know how best to do things but isn't it a relief to be able to talk about things that are bothering you with someone that gets it?

So why not book now as you found me for a reason and take the time you deserve with your baby.

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