Global Water Challenge - Ages 9 - 17

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Global Water Challenge - Ages 9 - 17

Course dates

  • Sat, 30 Jan '21   1pm – 3pm GMT - done
  • Sat, 27 Feb '21   1pm – 3pm GMT - done
  • Sat, 20 Mar '21   1pm – 3pm GMT - done

-Find a real world problem related drinking water.
-Collaborate with students from different countries to design a solution in first two sessions.
-Pitch in the team in the third session and contribute to the 6th goal – CLEAN WATER AND SANITATION.

The goal of this challenge is to ensure access to safe Drinking Water resources for everyone and answer the following four questions:

What is the story of drinking water in your country?
What main Drinking Water problem did you find?
Who will be affected by this problem?
How can we solve this problem?
IF.G Water Challenge consists of three virtual events — two collaborative sessions and one challenge session. Each session will be 90 to 120 minutes long.
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Water Challenge 2021
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