Hammered Copper Bowls

Saturday, 12 May '18   9am - 12:30pm
Driftless Folk School Campus, E13722 County Rd D, La Farge, WI
4 spaces available

Instructor: Martha Buche

Shape a flat copper disk into a shallow vessel using fire and stones, just as the indigenous peoples of the Great Lakes crafted them for centuries. Work the metal in the most low-tech way of all! Experience the magic of plucking the glowing red metal straight from the fire and shaping it with the strength of your own hands.” Please note that this activity involves tools, hot, sometimes sharp, metal and work with fire. It is possible to be injured in these activities if care is not taken. Persons wanting to be involved must be willing to take these risks and be responsible for themselves.

Date: 5/12/2018
Registration Deadline: 5/1/2018
Class Time: 9:00am-12:30 pm
Class Fee: $45
Material Fee: $25
Location: La Farge, WI


Standard Registration
4 available until Wed 9 May '18 2pm

Driftless Folk School Campus
E13722 County Rd D
La Farge, WI