ECY Training Network | Community Connections - Using Support, Direction and Space in āsana (Online)

Saturday, 26 March '22   1pm – 4pm GMT
Zoom - Online
95 spaces available
ECY Training Network | Community Connections - Using Support, Direction and Space in āsana (Online)

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Our brand new yoga teacher’s Training Network offers a number of ways for teachers to support each other, learn together and connect on our common purpose.

We recognise that being a yoga teacher can often be an isolating experience and we know that community should be at the heart of what we do

Our second Community Connections Workshop is 'Using Support, Direction and Space in āsana' and our Guest Teacher is Ranju Roy.

Patanjali defines āsana in YS2.46 as the harmonious relationship between stability and ease (sthira sukham āsananam). No matter how simple or complex the postures we work with, we can add depth and richness by understanding support, direction and space in a particular way. We can use these terms rather like a skeleton key, unlocking a way of practicing āsana that utilised the breath and fully involves our attention and our intention.

Ranju has been practicing yoga since the mid 1980s. He completed the 4 year Viniyoga Britain Diploma with Paul Harvey in 1995 and then the Post Graduate Course in 1999. He has also studied with TKV Desikachar in the UK and India on numerous occasions. From 2004-2015 Ranju worked closely with Peter Hersnack, another of Desikachar’s direct students. Ranju has taught many yoga classes, retreats and workshops around the country. He has taught at British Wheel ofYoga (BWY) Congress, Association for Yoga Studies (aYs) Conventions and many In-Service Trainings for both BWY and aYs.

Timings: 1 – 4pm (Online)

13:00 Nadine Watton (ECY) Opening and introduction to Norman Blair
13:15 Ranju Roy - 'Sustaining Ourselves as Yoga Teachers'
14:30 Ranju Roy - Q&A
14:45 Break
15:00 Nadine Watton (ECY) Discussion/Sharing/Thoughts
15:30 Nadine Watton (ECY) Room to recharge (Restorative Practice with Meditation)



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Wear comfortable clothes and if you can have a blanket and a couple of cushions handy.

A few things about online streaming   

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You can decide to have your video switched on, which means the teacher (and everyone else participating) can see you, turn this off if you prefer no one to see you.

If you are on 'gallery view' you will be able to see all your fellow students. We recommend once we start practice that you switch to speaker view so that you can see them clearly and don't get distracted by watching yourself or anyone else on screen.

Remember to make sure you have plenty of battery on your device and are as close to the Wifi source as possible.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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