Primary: Exploring the use of manipulatives and representations to deepen pupil understanding

St Faith and St Martin Church of England Junior School, Hampton Street, Lincoln, LN1 1LW
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  • Thu, 17 Oct '19   1:30pm - 4pm - done
  • Thu, 12 Dec '19   1:30pm - 4pm - done
  • Thu, 13 Feb '20   1:30pm - 4pm - done
  • Thu, 26 Mar '20   1:30pm - 4pm
  • Thu, 21 May '20   1:30pm - 4pm
  • Fri, 10 Jul '20   1:30pm - 4pm


As the Teaching for Mastery approach to Mathematics becomes embedded across an increasing number of schools it is essential that class teachers are able to use a range of concrete manipulatives and pictorial representations to maximise pupil understanding.

The aim of this Work Group is to support maths leads and class teachers in developing their approach to the use of manipulatives and representations within their schools. It will link closely to the EEF Improving Mathematics in KS2 and KS3 (recommendation two) and will support participants in understanding why some manipulatives/ representations are more effective for the teaching and learning of certain mathematical concepts than others.


The intended participants are schools who wish to develop their use of manipulatives and representations. Ideally, schools will have already engaged in Teaching for Mastery Development Work Groups, but this is not essential.

The Work Group is aimed at Primary colleagues but may also be suitable for Year 7 teachers.


Participants will:

Develop a deep understanding of how manipulatives and representations expose the structures of mathematical concepts to aid learning;
Understand that there needs to be a clear rationale for using a particular manipulative or representation to teach a specific mathematical concept;
Understand when to remove the use of manipulatives once independence has been achieved.
Incorporate new manipulatives and representations into their practice, and be able to effectively evaluate the use of these and their impact on learning.


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