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Developing Shared Approaches to Maths and Science Teaching

The Redhill Academy Training Suites, Redhill Road, Arnold, Nottingham, NG5 8GX
21 spaces available

Course dates

  • Thu, 3 Feb '22   12:30pm – 3:30pm GMT - done
  • Thu, 17 Mar '22   12:30pm – 3:30pm GMT - done
  • Wed, 18 May '22   1pm – 4pm BST - done
  • Thu, 7 Jul '22   10am – 3pm BST - done


Work Group aims:

  • To develop a collaborative approach between Maths and Science teachers and departments to establish supportive and cohesive methods.
  • Two teachers from each school (one Maths and one Science) work together to establish similarities and differences in approaches to help develop a cohesive approach for pupils. This training programme uses expertise from Maths and Science to consider how to improve the learning and outcomes for pupils by working together practically and collaboratively.

Intended Outcomes include:

  • Identifying cross-curricular topic areas and develop consistent approaches to teaching key topics e.g. graphs, proportional relationships
  • Considering order of learning to ensure students are suitably equipped for science lessons
  • Supporting student’s ability to identify similarities in Maths and Science
  • Developing student’s confidence in applying maths in science

Work Group Lead: Olivia Rose (The Redhill Academy)


Course ticket - for all 4 dates.
20 available


The Redhill Academy Training Suites
Redhill Road