Working Partnerships with ITT Providers (Online)

Course dates

  • Mon, 2 Nov '20   5pm - 6pm - done
  • Wed, 9 Dec '20   5pm - 6pm
  • Mon, 18 Jan '21   5pm - 6pm
  • Tue, 2 Mar '21   5pm - 6pm
  • Tue, 4 May '21   5pm - 6pm
  • Tue, 15 Jun '21   5pm - 6pm

This project is designed to further develop the ongoing liaison between ITT providers and their local Maths Hubs.  During this year-long project, there will be opportunities to explore and share current mathematical developments and consider their implications for ITT providers and Maths Hubs in order to help trainees transition into teaching mathematics effectively. As this project moves into its third year, it builds upon the best practice of ITT providers and Maths Hubs who are continuing to develop ways of working together to support ITT trainees as they start their career.


• Local network meetings leading to partnership work focusing on key issues for the group e.g. ITT core content framework, strengthening understanding of mastery pedagogy, progression into Early Career Framework etc.
• Local network meetings that review the principles of teaching for mastery, share ITE units that focus on this (new for 20/21), consider adapting them for local use and how they sit within a wider maths programme
• Working with those delivering maths provision to observe lessons with Mastery Specialists to then review implications for provision
• Developing the subject specific expertise of mentors to support trainees in mastery-related maths lesson design.


Lead participants from the ITT community should be directly involved in ITT with a responsibility for maths. It is expected that these participants will represent the various ITT providers across the hub region so may include –

• SCITT and School Direct
• Represent different phases of ITT including EYTS, QTS (primary and secondary), and Post-16


It is likely that the Work Group activity will involve a mixture of both online activity and face to face sessions.
By joining the Work Group it is expected that Institutions must be able to commit to the full academic year’s programme.
This group of professionals will collaborate to identify how they can mutually support each other to ensure trainee teachers are well equipped to understand the principles of best practice in the learning and teaching of maths in their relevant phase


Participants and their institutions will -

• deepen understanding of, and involvement in, the work of their local Maths Hub and the Maths Hubs Network, along with their knowledge of the principles of teaching for mastery and how they relate to classroom practice
• review practices and programmes, aiming to ensure trainees have some understanding of lesson design informed by mastery principles
• develop planning which includes reference to the principles of teaching for mastery and is further enhanced by opportunities to observe Mastery Specialists’ lessons with a follow up discussion.


One of the strategic goals of the Maths Hubs Programme is for Maths Hubs to work with a range of partners to ensure there is effective initial training of new teachers of maths in primary and secondary schools, so that they have the specialist knowledge required to support the learning of maths. These Work Groups are therefore needed to support sustained best practice networks between ITT providers and local hubs with a focus on teaching for mastery. This project is designed to learn from the research-informed practice and the expert knowledge of experienced ITE providers, to develop approaches where that knowledge informs the wider work of the hub by enabling opportunity for collaboration and professional discussion of practices across ITE providers.


Jayne Ireland - Maths Hub Lead
Deliah Pawluch - Senior Lecturer, NTU
Vivien Townsend - Maths Lead, Leicester/Leicestershire Primary SCITT


Working Partnerships with ITT Providers
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