Y5 - Y8 Continuity Work Group

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  • Tue, 8 Dec '20   2pm – 3:30pm GMT - done
  • Mon, 25 Jan '21   1:30pm – 4pm GMT - done
  • Tue, 20 Apr '21   2pm – 4pm BST
  • Tue, 4 May '21   2pm – 4pm BST
  • Tue, 8 Jun '21   2pm – 3:30pm BST


Teachers from different phases will work together, to improve communication between Key Stages 2 and 3, with the overall aim of improving continuity of learning by pupils in the four years between Years 5 and 8.
Participants will take an aspect of the mathematics curriculum or a pedagogical approach as the focus for their work and develop a consistent approach to it through discussion, joint lesson delivery, observation and the development of documentation to support continuity.


The project is aimed at Key Stage 3 secondary mathematics teachers and all primary school teachers. Each Work Group will ideally consist of pairs of teachers, from linked, or neighbouring, primary and secondary schools, working together to develop a shared understanding of the teaching that gives the best chance of pupils progressing steadily in their mathematical understanding between Years 5 and 8.


Participants will attend 5 workshops throughout the year and will be expected to participate in gap tasks between sessions.
Each workshop will provide an opportunity for KS2 and KS3 teachers to consider key ideas and approaches to Multiplicative Reasoning through exploring a set of researcher designed (and trialed) lessons which have extensive PD commentaries.
This will then form the basis of a lesson study gap task which enables the involvement of the wider department.
Subsequent workshops will provide important PD feedback opportunities on impact on learning observed in the lesson study.


The Work Group will include 5 short sessions. This may change however if face to face sessions are allowed in the future.


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