Notts Group - Developing a positive maths identity in the Early Years

The Minster School, Nottingham Road, Southwell, NG25 0LG
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  • Thu, 26 Sep '19   9am - 12pm - done
  • Wed, 13 Nov '19   9am - 12pm - done
  • Fri, 17 Jan '20   9am - 12pm - done
  • Fri, 6 Mar '20   9am - 12pm
  • Wed, 29 Apr '20   9am - 12pm
  • Thu, 25 Jun '20   9am - 12pm

There is an increased awareness within current academic research which discusses the importance of developing a positive mind-set for learning; particularly how this can affect children’s ongoing mathematical journey.
Establishing this positive and engaged mindset in the early years has shown that when children have the appropriate characteristics and attitudes to be able to participate fully in the mathematical subject content which is being taught, outcomes and mathematical achievements are increased and embedded.
This Work Group will explore the research behind the development of a positive mathematical mindset, reflect and discuss current practice within schools and plan at a strategic and operational level. School specific improvement plans will be developed with bespoke support being offered from the group lead. It is anticipated that support for parents and families will also form part of this workgroup with ideas/framework being discussed.


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The Minster School
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