Barre Concept online class

viernes, 7 mayo '21   10:00 – 11:00 BST
Online via Zoom
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Barre Concept online class

Este es un evento online.

Las instrucciones para unirse se darán después de la reserva.


A total body workout at a ballet barre (or a sturdy chair) and on the mat.

You will need a yoga mat and a pilates ball (or a small rolled up towel), a stretch band (or a pair of thick, stretchy tights), 2 small hand weights (or 2 small bottles of water/tins of tomatoes).

Nivel: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

Rango de edad: entre las edades 18 y 65


Clothing instructions: Sportswear/gym clothes, No footwear required.


Single session
15 disponible hasta vie 7 may 07:00
Barre Concept online class
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Online via Zoom

We will be chatting with all class participants before we begin the session. Therefore your microphone audio will need to be turned on. We will go over any concerns regarding technology etc before we start. Please note that if you are using a mobile phone, you may need to have earplugs/headphones in order to hear properly.
When class does begin, we will “mute” participants. This is to ensure that we aren’t disturbed by anybody’s dog barking or unwanted household noises (because the whole group will hear). However, if you need to get my attention during your session, you can also “Unmute” yourself, using your control panel if you need to ask a question.
Understand though, that we want to keep interruptions to a minimum, for the smooth running of the class, so please bear this in mind. After the class, we will “unmute” participants and we can have a quick chat about the experience and provide feedback.
Please ensure that your device is near to your wifi router for the best connection.
The best option for participants would be to connect your laptop to your TV via HDMI cable. This way, your TV will “Mirror” what is on your laptop, so you can see us in full screen HD (scary)!
I will be playing some music during the session, but it might be a good idea to have your own 'back up' tunes playing in the background in case you can't hear mine – only when we start the class.
I look forward to seeing you virtually on the screen! Please ensure that you have downloaded the Zoom app in advance.