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sábado, 4 marzo '17   17:30 - 18:30
Electric Mountain, Llanberis LL55 4UR
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WGPE's NEON WOODS On WGPE's own custom MTB track in the heart of Wales, two riders are enveloped into a world of colour and smoke. Neon Woods is born.

KAYABIKE The life of a kids and their BMX coach training in a South African township (Kayamandi), waiting for competition day.

EVERY WEEK IS AWESOME "We finished the day with a beer in hand, talking casual things, knowing days like these - filming riders, chasing the perfect light and falling asleep completely exhausted at the end of the day is exactly what we live for. We both thought that its just a dream talk, too big to follow.

THE COLORADO TRAIL RACE: A SELF-POWERED ADVENTURE Every July, a small group of bikepackers lines up for the backcountry race of a lifetime. This is a film about the Colorado Trail and the people who choose to race it non-stop and self-supported on mountain bikes.

HEARTBEAT A young man talks about the sensations he feels every time he rides his bike, his greatest passion.


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Electric Mountain, Llanberis LL55 4UR