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DLT seminars
These seminars are for DPhils and postdocs who have completed their faculty PLTO, who are embarking on undergraduate teaching at Oxford for the first time, and who wish to put together a teaching portfolio accreditation for a nationally-recognised teaching qualification.

When should you attend?

Teaching Seminars are aimed at helping you get the most out of your first experiences of teaching at Oxford and should be attended during the term in which you are undertaking some teaching. The seminars run every term. The registration will be open here in 5th week and the deadline is in 9th week of the previous terms.

Please note that you will have to submit a portfolio within three terms of your completion of the seminars. If you do not submit by this last available deadline, you will no longer eligible to submit a portfolio.

The seminars are as follows:
Week 1 : Introduction to Developing Learning and Teaching
Week 2: The role of the teacher and student development
Week 3: Lesson design
Week 4: Evaluating your teaching

Week 5: Feedback to students
Week 6: Portfolio review

Further resources and useful links can be found on the Teaching Resources page.

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