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London- Spring: FashionLab Career (11 - 17)

The Fashion School (Pop-up), 6 Burnsall Street, The Gallery, Ground Floor, London, SW3 3ST
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Fechas del curso

  • dom, 9 ene '22   12:30 – 14:00 GMT  - hecho
  • dom, 16 ene '22   12:30 – 14:00 GMT  - hecho
  • dom, 23 ene '22   12:30 – 14:00 GMT  - hecho
  • dom, 30 ene '22   12:30 – 14:00 GMT  - hecho
  • dom, 6 feb '22   12:30 – 14:00 GMT  - hecho
  • dom, 13 feb '22   12:30 – 14:00 GMT  - hecho
  • dom, 20 feb '22   12:30 – 14:00 GMT  - hecho
  • dom, 27 feb '22   12:30 – 14:00 GMT  - hecho
  • dom, 6 mar '22   12:30 – 14:00 GMT  - hecho
  • dom, 13 mar '22   12:30 – 14:00 GMT  - hecho
  • dom, 20 mar '22   12:30 – 14:00 GMT  - hecho
  • dom, 27 mar '22   12:30 – 14:00 BST  - hecho


This class is an advanced class. If you are unsure if your child will be suitable for this class please email

Term Brief:

FashionLab Careers is for the students who are looking to further their knowledge within fashion and push themselves into potentially incorporating fashion and the arts into their further education.

This term the students will explore a variety of specialisms within the fashion industry, the aim of this being to help our students understand all the exciting opportunities that the fashion industry may hold for them in the future. They will think about different areas including but not limited to; creative pattern cutting, fashion journalism, sportswear, history of fashion and many more...

The students will continue to enhance their design and making skills alongside learning about various other aspects of fashion in order for them to leave the term with a well-rounded overview of the industry and where the skills and the aspects of fashion they enjoy most can be implemented. Industry experts from a number of the different specialisms on offer will also be dropping into the classes throughout the term to share their first-hand experiences and knowledge with the lucky students!

Sustainability is an area that is close to all of our hearts at The Fashion School, so as with previous terms, students will continue to learn about the importance of both a sustainable and responsible approach to fashion. This is aided by the amazing array of deadstock donated designer fabrics that are available to each student to bring their designs to life. Chopova Lowena, Preen, Brogger and Markus Lupfer are a few of the exciting London based designers that have donated their past season fabrics for the students to work with. Each student will finish the term with a unique handmade garment that will demonstrate everything they have learned over the term.

As part of the FashionLab Careers class, students will be expected to complete approximately 1.5 hours of homework each week.

FashionLab Career is for the student who sees fashion as more than a hobby and wants to be in an environment with like-minded individuals who are looking to pursue the creative arts in further education. You will be working with Caroline Gration (Director) and Ella Marshon industry projects, sustainability awareness, upcycling, experimental design, advanced sewing and pattern cutting techniques. Lessons are taught through alternating online classes, 1 to 1 tutorials and small in-person sewing and techniques classes. Students will be expected to do more independent work outside of their class.

We will help them develop skills in:
Sustainable design awareness
Design awareness
Mood boards
Pattern cutting
Garment construction
Fabric knowledge
Pinning, measuring and cutting
Machine and hand sewing
Specialist sewing skills
Hand and machine embroidery
Current fashion industry knowledge
Arts Award eligible for ages 11+

Activities include:
Discussion of current fashion trends, news, exhibitions, ethics and sustainability, and how this affects your subsequent work and design.
Understanding the importance of research.
Industry design project.
Fashion illustration.
Sewing techniques.
How to upcycle and repair fashion you already have.

What we provide:
Expert tuition, from practicing pattern cutters, fashion designers etc. who have degrees in relevant art and fashion courses.
The use of new and fully serviced Janome 725s sewing machines, scissors, tools and threads etc.
Students can use free donated fabrics as part of our Circularity Bank, bring in their own or buy from our fabric shop.

At the end of term they will come home with:
Design sheets, sustainable fabric awareness and technical sewing samples.
A completed garment and/or accessory designed and made by them.
Certificate of completion (over 80% attendance).

Nivel: Advanced

Rango de edad: entre las edades 11 años y 17 años


FashionLab Career is an advanced class and an extension of FashionLab.

The student has previously attended a FashionLab class or can show a portfolio of work.

FashionLab Careers is a new class started during lockdown, aimed at anyone over 11+ who is;

  • Interested in flexible learning - mixture of online and in person classes and tutorials.
  • Passionate about what they do and think they want to do fashion in some form as a career.
  • Doesn't necessarily want to make only clothes for themselves.
  • Able to commit to another 2-3 hours on top of their 1.5 hour class.
  • Wants to experiment and explore new fashion territories.
  • Believes in sustainable craftsmanship as part of the design process and eager to learn.
  • Eager to understand and challenge the design and business process.
  • Have some pattern cutting /sewing /construction experience from at least 1 term in our other FashionLab classes
  • Interested in writing, drawing and other areas of fashion communication.
  • Has their own informed opinion and interest in all the arts, not just fashion.
  • Inquisitive about different careers, courses, designers, brands and movements out there.
  • Has a personal 'fashion' Instagram account and follows inspirational industry professionals.

*Please note this term the weekly classes will have no half-term break. This is to enable a 12 class term so that projects can be completed. If you are unable to attend during the half-term week, you can attend a catch-up class at any point during the term.


FashionLab Careers Sun 12.30pm
Boleto del curso - que cubre todos los 12 fechas.
Spring 2022 term


The Fashion School (Pop-up)
6 Burnsall Street
The Gallery, Ground Floor


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