Tribe- The Family Space

Welcome to Tribe, a bespoke family service offering a play cafe and play space!

At Tribe we offer a wide range of workshops, groups and sessions to support your families wellbeing.
Book onto any of our groups to promote your child's development, and opportunities to socialise with other parents.

Play, Learn, Grow!🌿

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julio, 2020
13 lun 1 día Pre-Order Heuristic Play Pots
27 lun 1 día Feeling Fruity- Water Play
1 día Flower Power- Water Play
1 día Pre-Order Precious Stone
1 día Pre-Order Treasure Basket
1 día Precious Stone 6- Tinker Tray
1 día Precious Stone 7- Tinker Tray
1 día Precious Stone 8- Tinker Tray
1 día Seaside Treasures Tinker Set
1 día Treasure Basket 2
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