UK Network of Members of the European Society for Trauma & Dissociation

Practical Training for People in Practice

Members of the European Society for Trauma and Dissociation who are based in the United Kingdom are automatically members of ESTD-UK. ESTD members are entitled to a reduced training fee on many ESTD courses and conferences, including those below. Membership also gives you access to a members only area on the ESTD website and a regular e-journal. If you are not already a member, you may wish to consider joining before booking onto one of these courses. The annual membership fee is 85 Euros. Join here

ESTD-UK training courses are open to member and non-member psychological therapy practitioners who wish to improve their understanding of trauma-related complex dissociation, e.g. dissociative identity disorder and similar conditions, and to develop their clinical skills in working with this client group. As a matter of principle ESTD-UK courses are developed and delivered in partnership with experts-by-experience trainers from the survivor-led First Person Plural - dissociative identity disorders association. All our trainers are professionals with many years of clinical experience working therapeutically with D.I.D. and other complex trauma-related conditions or lived experience, and are well-regarded for their knowledge, expertise and ability to pass this on in the training environment.

ESTD-UK strives to support and implement in the UK the aims of the European Society for Trauma and Dissociation which are:-

  • To promote an increase in the knowledge of Trauma, Dissociation and all disorders related to chronic traumatization.
  • To provide professional and public education about dissociation, trauma and trauma related disorders.
  • To support communication and cooperation among clinicians and other professionals in the field of dissociation and trauma.
  • To stimulate national and international research projects.
  • To provide knowledge and education specifically to those countries in Europe who do not have easy access in this field.

ESTD-UK functions primarily through an online email listserv by which its members can communicate with each other, providing support, information and professional discourse about dissociation, trauma, dissociative and other trauma-related disorders.

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