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An Introduction to AiM - (Toronto, Canada)

Sunday, 30 January '22   9am – 4pm GMT
SHIFT body work and performance care, 388 Carlaw Avenue, Suite #303, Toronto, ON, M4M 2T4
Event cancelled


This workshop is being lead by Monika Volkmar. It will be 6 hours for professionals in the Health, Fitness and Performance Industry that are wanting to learn a bit more AiM.

If you have signed up for the Closed Chain Lower Body Mechanics Course and have not completed it, we hope that this workshop will inspire you to get back online and complete it. Your questions will be answered.

If you have not signed up for that course, we hope that this workshop will inspire you to sign up to it and study it :)

At AiM we want to think about our anatomy in the closed chain, when upright and in motion. This will be the focus of the six hours on the day.

You will be introduced to:

1) The Philosophy of AiM including the big rules we live by

2) The way we think about muscles in the human body and starting where we know, we will look at two particular muscles of the hip which can lead us into a whole body investigation

3) A detailed insight to the Pelvis in the closed chain and in 3D when the body is upright

4) A way of assessing where your own pelvis is in space and what that means for the rest of your body.

5) The role of the foot is in all of this

6) Different movements to explore based on this thought process about the Pelvis and the Foot

This workshop is a fun and insightful learning environment focused on using the AiM philosophy to learn something about yourself and introduce you to the concepts that have brought success to many AiM students over the years.


On the day, come in clothes that you are comfortable in. Our workshops generally do not involve tables or chairs and most of the learning is supported experientially with movement.

Bring with you the resources that you learn with - Pens, Paper, Wedges, Fuel etc. (There will be a short Lunch break.)


There are two important Covid safety measures that the venue are following:

1) You will be required to wear a mask/face-covering, vaccinated or not. This can be a close-fitting cloth or blue surgical mask, or an FFP2/KN95 mask.

2) Proof of Covid status certification from everyone attending - there are two options:

Option A) Proof of having had at least one dose of a recognized Covid-19 vaccine at least 14 days before the starts.

or alternatively

Option B) Proof of a negative Covid-19 test taken by a trained professional, and undertaken within the 48 hour period before attending.


An Introduction to AiM - (Toronto, Canada)


SHIFT body work and performance care
388 Carlaw Avenue
Suite #303
M4M 2T4

Located in Leslieville, just north of Dundas St on Carlaw Ave.