Power To Present

The Power To Present workshop is for individuals who want to become a dynamic international platform stylist and want to exhibit the right mix of showmanship, energy and education.

Hair Professionals sign up for the Power To Present training when they are:

Striving to achieve confidence as a public speaker and want to be able to engage all audiences
Frustrated and ready to overcome crippling fear and nerves of public speaking using specific taught strategies
Committed to accomplishing the key presenting tools kit - including body language, posture and tonality to create a powerful presentation

The Power To Present workshop is delivered by Chris Foster and designed from his own experience of platform work, international educator roles and motivational speaking.

He has presented to various audiences from large auditoriums to college students and prison inmates often receiving standing ovations from each of them. This course will equip you with the fundamentals tools to present in every situation.

The Power To Present workshop will cover presentation skills using the S.Y.S.T.E.M formula:

S - State, how to change your listeners’ state
Y - Yourself, try to make your presentation personal
S - Stance, develop your stage presence by standing in your power
T - Tonality, how your voice can make engage or disengage your audience
E - Eye contact, how to increase engagement
M - Movement, the power of stage ownership

From 19 Apr 2021
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