Tuesday, 1 February '22   9:30am – 12pm GMT

3 Sessions over the course of one week

What is the HHSRS?
The Housing, Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) was introduced in 2006 to provide an assessment tool for the ‘Minimum Standard for Housing’ (Criterion A of the Decent Homes Standard). It is a risk assessment tool designed to identify the risk to occupants in domestic properties. Its main purpose is to support enforcement action against landlords to make improvements to rented properties (using the powers of the Housing Act 2004 (Part 1). It is also used extensively to survey stock condition in social housing, to assess the suitability of accommodation when addressing homelessness, and as a criteria for financial support to assist older and other vulnerable homeowners.

On the 20 March 2019, the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 came into force to make sure that rented houses and flats are ‘fit for human habitation’, which means that they are safe, healthy and free from things that could cause serious harm. This gives tenants the power to take landlords to court if they feel that the property that they are renting does not meet the required standards. Those standards are largely based on the 29 Hazards identified by the HHSRS.

Part 1: HHSRS: Purpose, Principles and Assessment (3 x 1½ to 2 hour on-line sessions)

This is designed to provide delegates with a thorough understanding of the principles and process behind the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) and with the skills required to carry out of inspection of properties that will identify the presence of any of the 29 hazards identified by the HHSRS. By the end of this, delegates will be able to:
• Discuss the origins and purpose of the HHSRS
• Understand the key principles to which the HHSRS has been designed
• Identify the 29 hazards used by the HHSRS
• Apply the key principles of risk assessment using likelihood and harm
• Generate a hazard score using HHSRS methodology

Part 2: HHSRS: Competency Assessment (approximately 4 weeks following Part 1)
(¾ hour one-to-one on-line feedback)

In the period between Part 1 of the course and the feedback session, delegates will carry out HHSRS Assessments on up to 5 hazards and submit them to the facilitator for feedback. This one-to-one feedback is considered an essential part of the learning process and, in the event that they demonstrate sufficient competence of the process, delegates will be issued with a Certificate of Competence.
This is designed to provide the employers and clients with the assurance that those delegates who attend Foundations HHSRS training course, have fully understood the assessment process and are able to carry out HHSRS Assessments with the appropriate levels of accuracy and consistency.

This Course has been described by delegates as ‘The best HHSRS training available’

Recent feedback: “…… you did a superb job of teaching the HHSRS course, and I'd recommend it to anyone. You turned a complex and potentially confusing subject into a clear, concise and easily understood series of steps which most people could understand. Loved it!”

3 Sessions over the course of a week

Session 1: Tuesday 1st February - 9:30am
Session 2: Thursday 3rd February - 9:30am
Session 3: Friday 4th February - 2:00pm

Feedback Session: TBC with Trainer


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